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IS Claims Attack in Yemen

Dozens killed in attack on pro-government militia compound in Aden, Dilma Rousseff addresses the senate in her impeachment trial, West Bengal's change of name.

(Photo: Aftermath of attack in Aden, Yemen Credit: European Photopress Agency)

US Turkey Dilemma

United States faces a dilemma as Turkey bombs its Kurdish allies in northern Syria; How the Italian mafia exploits earthquakes; Reclaiming the controversial Golly doll.

(Photo: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden meets with Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Turkish Airstrikes Kill Dozens in Syria

Bombings target villages close to Turkey's border; Farc rebels in Colombia ready to declare ceasefire ; Losing a violin made in 1630 on a train.

(Image: Turkish Army tanks driving to the Syrian-Turkish border. Credit: Bulent Kilic/Afp)

Italy's Day of Mourning

Mayor of Amatrice; Philippines female assassins; trumpeter Herb Alpert.

Photograph shows bishop of Ascoli Piceno hugging a woman after a funeral service for victims of the earthquake inside a gym, Italy. (Credit: Reuters)

Mass Funeral for Dozens Killed in Italian Earthquake

Remembering the nearly 300 killed in Italy; Anti-Mugabe protests in Zimbabwe; Teenager breaks world solo flying record.

(Photo: Relatives mourn their loved ones, as the coffins of 35 earthquake victims are lined up for the mass funeral in Ascoli Piceno. Credit: Getty Images)