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Unity Under Threat at Democratic Convention

Sanders allies in Philadelphia; Bavarian bomber inspired by IS; Hollywood "ghost singer" Marni Nixon

(Picture: Senator Jeff Merkley checks Democratic National Convention podium. Credit: Jeff Merkley/AP)

Bavaria Explosion

A failed asylum seeker exploded a bomb outside a music festival in southern Germany, killing himself and wounding twelve others; BBC reporter on Syrian frontline; Rust Belt road trip.

(Picture: Police remove evidence from a refugee shelter where the Ansbach attacker lived. Credit: Daniel Karmann AFP/Getty Images)

Russia Escapes Total Rio Olympics ban

The IOC says international sports federations must assess if Russian athletes can take part in this year's Rio Olympics; the psychological profile of the Munich attacker; Afghanistan mourns its dead after Saturday's suicide attack, which killed 80 people.

(Picture: Olympic rings on the Copacabana beach. Credit: Yasuyoshi Chibayasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)

Will Russia be Banned from the Olympics?

The IOC decides Russia's Olympic fate; Christians and Muslims brought together in Lebanon; South Sudan's warring politicians urged to work in harmony by the country's top musicians

(Picture: a Russian skating fan holds the country's national flag during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Credit: AP)

Germany after the Munich Attack

Germany mourns the dead after the Munich rampage; Syria's besieged Aleppo awaits aid deliveries; a Russian adventurer claims he has broken a hot air balloon world record

(Picture: Police stand in front of the McDonald's at the Olympic Shopping Mall in Munich, the crime scene of Friday night's shooting. Credits: Christof Stache/AFP/Getty Images)

Dozens Killed in Kabul Explosion

Demonstration by the Hazara ethnic minority targeted in bomb attack in Afghanistan's capital; Police reveal details about Munich gunman; How did toilets on the Silk Road work?

(Picture: A man from Hazara minority reacts after a bomb attack targeted a demonstration in Kabul. Credit: Epa/Hedayatullah Amid)