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Trump Hoping for China Pressure on North Korea

The White House says that President Trump will be speaking today to the leaders of Singapore and Thailand about the threat North Korea poses of massive nuclear destruction in Asia. Mr.Trump has been talking about his own strategy for dealing with the crisis in a wide-ranging TV interview marking his first one hundred days in office.

Also in the programme: Iranian TV mogul shot dead, and a university course on Dolly Parton.

(Photo: US President Donald Trump. Credit: Eric Thayer-Pool/Getty Images)

CEO of an Iranian TV Channel Shot Dead in Turkey

Saeed Karimian, the founder and chairman of the Persian-language TV company, Geo TV, has been killed in Istanbul.

Also: One of the world's most famous climbers, Ueli Steck has died in a mountaineering accident; and how Dolly Parton's America has now become a University course. (Picture: Iranian CEO Saeed Karimian. Credit: Saeed Karimian)

EU Agrees Stance on Brexit

27 European leaders agree negotiating stance on Britain's exit from the EU, and call for a serious British response on guaranteeing reciprocal citizens' rights after Brexit. Also: French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen gains backing of Arise France party, and the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner - without President Trump.

(Photo: General view during special European Summit in Brussels, Belgium, 29 April 2017. Credit: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET)

North Korea Tests Another Missile

US aircraft carrier has arrived in waters off the Korean peninsula just hours after North Korea conducts another missile test.

Also on the programme: EU leaders meet to decide Brexit stance; President Trump's 100 Days; and a forgotten co-founder of South Africa's ANC honoured 100 years after her death.

(Picture: Korean missile test. Credit: EPA)

US Urges UN to Act on North Korea

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson presses for more sanctions on North Korea in special UN meeting and says US open to talks but military action is on the table too. Also in the programme: Pope decries violence carried out in God's name during Egypt visit; and a Quebec mom who's 'done' with her daughter's homework.

(Photograph shows US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

The Pope in Egypt

Pope Francis has arrived in Cairo for a visit to foster dialogue and reconciliation between the Christian and Muslim faiths. He'll show his support for Egypt's Christian community in the aftermath of recent bomb attacks on churches that have killed dozens.

Also in the programme: Iranian TV presidential debate and Montenegro moves to join NATO.

(Photo: Pope Francis boarding a plane to Egypt. Credit: EPA)