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Syrian Peace Talks to Begin in Geneva

Long-awaited Syrian peace talks are due to begin in Geneva, but it's still unclear who will attend from the fractured opposition.

A college at Oxford University says it has decided not to remove a statue of the British imperialist Cecil Rhodes.

The Zika virus is causing growing concern - and at the heart of it, the mosquito - and lots of questions: why are the mosquito populations increasing?

(Photo: Aleppo in ruins. Credit: Reuters)

Cities of the Future

What will the cities of the future look like, and will we like living in them? Vast megacities are emerging, notably in the developing world, as people migrate towards urban centres in search of work. Cities in the richer world also need to find ways improve the quality of life for their inhabitants. How should urban planners cope with these pressures and develop strategies for the future? In this week’s edition of Newshour Extra, Owen Bennett Jones and his guests discuss how best to make these urban spaces the best possible places to live and work.

WHO: Zika "spreading explosively"

WHO warns Zika virus is "spreading explosively"; Should Joseph Fiennes play Michael Jackson?; Stalin's poo laboratory

Photo shows an Aedes aegypti mosquito that carries the Zika virus, as seen through a microscope. Photo credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Gbagbo in the Dock

Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo stands trial at the ICC; WHO to hold emergency meeting on the Zika virus; Can berries burn the middle aged bulge?

Picture: Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo arrives for the start of his trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

(Credit: Reuters/Peter Dejong)

Zika Vaccine Hunt

Inside Zika testing lab; EU warns Greece over border controls; crossing The Empty Quarter.

(Photo: A lab researcher works with mosquitos at a lab in Columbia. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

27/01/2016 GMT

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