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Backlash After Failed Turkey Coup

Turkey crackdown continues; Will data be stored on atoms? New football behaviour rules

(Photo: Pro-Erdogan supporters hold Turkish national flags during a rally at Taksim square in Istanbul following the military failed coup attempt Credit: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Turkish Government Detains 99 Generals

Thousands of soldiers, judges and teachers suspected of links with failed coup are purged; Iraqi forces close in on IS-held Mosul; 'Happy Days' writer, Garry Marshall, dies.

(Photo: Turkish riot police stand guard outside a courthouse where prosecutors are questioning hundreds of suspected coup plotters in Ankara, Turkey Credit: AP)

Turkey: Supporters Rally As Clampdown Continues

Novelist Elif Shafak on Turkey's future & documentary maker Bryan Fogel on Russia's doping whistle-blower.

Image: Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wave flags during a rally in Istanbul, Turkey. Credit: Kursat Bayhan/Getty Images)

Turkey Steps Up Calls for Gulen Extradition

Turkey vows to uproot the Gulenist movement it blames for the coup; the woman who takes her AIDS drugs in secret; the row over borrowed words in Mrs Trump's speech

(Photo: Pro-government supporters in Ankara Credit: Getty Images)

Russia Slammed for State-sponsored Doping

Report says Russia doped in 'vast majority of sports'; GOP convention; Iraq's marshlands

Picture: An official bus passes by the anti-doping laboratory of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games on February 21, 2014 at the Olympic Park in Sochi. Credit: AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL

Attempted Coup in Turkey: the Aftermath

Purge of thousands of suspected plotters in Turkey; WADA publishes its report into alleged Russian doping at Sochi Winter Olympics; will Republicans be happy to endorse Trump?

Photo: ISTANBUL, TURKEY Aftermath of Failed Coup in Turkey Continues. Credit:Burak Kara/Getty Images