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Trump Considers 'brand new' Travel Ban

President Trump's latest move to ban travellers from seven mainly Muslim countries.

And a clampdown on undocumented migrants in the US - the result of the President's policies or a continuation of what has been enforced in the past?

Also on the programme: The musicians working to keep alive the ancient Nubian language of Egypt and Sudan.

And the plight of whales on a remote beach in New Zealand that shocked a veteran journalist.

(Photo: President Trump arrives on Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport. Credit: Getty Images)

Is President Trump Shifting on Foreign Policy?

Has reality set in for President Trump and is his position on foreign policy shifting? We speak to Jan Halper-Hayes of Republicans Overseas and Daniel Benjamin who was in charge of counterterrorism at the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

Also on the programme: A special posthumous award for the man who came up with stereo sound; and tributes to the Swedish tenor, Nicolai Gedda, who has died at the age of 91.

(Photo: US President Donald Trump meets the Japanese Prime Minsiter Shinzo Abe. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Trump Backs From One China Policy

China has welcomed an assurance from President Trump that he will honour the 'One China' policy' -- in contrast to his previous statements.

Also in the programme: we hear from Americans who support president Trump's travel ban and the health of Nigeria's president who is currently on a visit to London -- some say he is very ill but his spokesman has denied it.

(Photo: Donald Trump. Credit: Getty Images)

Brawl Disrupts Zuma Speech

South Africa's President Zuma's State of the Nation speech is disrupted by opposition MPs brawling with security staff.

Also on the programme: the Philippines' war on drugs and a top US general asks for Pakistan rethink.

(Picture: Economic Freedom Fighters in red are forcibly removed from parliament in Cape Town, South Africa. Credit: AP)

New CIA Director in Turkey

President Trump's new CIA director, Mike Pompeo, has arrived in the Turkish capital for talks expected to focus on the war against the Islamic State group in Syria.

Also in the programme: Protests in Paris over alleged rape of unarmed black man by police. And the state of drug rehabilitation in the Philippines.

(Photo: CIA Director, Mike Pompeo. Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Russian Presidential Hopeful Convicted

Key Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has been found guilty of embezzlement, barring him from running against Vladimir Putin in 2018's presidential election. Hear from a fellow opposition figure who believes that revolution is now more likely than elections to bring about political change in Moscow.

Also in the programme, the Catholic Church in the Philippines speaks out over extrajudicial killings. And could a new variety of quinoa help feed the world?

(Photo: Alexei Navalny speaks at an opposition rally in 2015. Credit: Dmitry Serebryakov / AFP / Getty Images)