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Recent Episodes

Dallas Police Memorial Service

Obama honours officers; Sanders endorses Clinton; Zimbabwe protest leader arrested; Google sheepep

South China Sea Ruling

International tribunal rejects China's claims; who'll be Trump's vice president?; an Afghan reunion

Photo:Protesters shout slogans during a rally outside the Chinese Consulate (Credit:Bullit Marquez/ Associated Press)

South Sudan Clashes

Juba ceasefire declared; Theresa May profiled; why thumb-sucking might be good for children

Photograph shows a soldier standing on top of an abandoned tank after it was destroyed in renewed fighting in Juba, South Sudan. (Credit: Reuters)

Theresa May Set To Be New UK Prime Minister

Theresa May set to become the next British Prime Minister; consequences of Abe victory in Japan vote; Kashmir clashes.

(Picture . Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

South Sudan 'Back to War'

Heavy fighting in Juba; America jumpy as racial tensions continue; a bullfighter's life.

Image: South Sudanese president; Credit: AFP/Getty

Arrested Live On Social Media

Baton Rouge returns to the spotlight with Black Lives Matter activists in custody; Debate over the legality of the UK invasion of Iraq; Is South Sudan sliding back into civil war?

(Photo: Arrest of DeRay Mckesson in Baton Rouge Credit: AP)