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Turkey Referendum Special

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hails 'clear' win in the referendum to give him sweeping new powers, amid dispute over ballots. We speak to people who voted for and against, Turkish politicians from major parties, EU observers and a former US ambassador to Turkey.

(Photograph shows supporters of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan celebrating at the AK party headquarters in Izmir. Credit: Reuters)

North Korea unveils new missiles

Pyongyang has repeated its warning to the United States not to take any provocative actions. Our correspondent tells us what the atmosphere in North Korea is like. The Turkish president is addressing crowds in Istanbul, on the final day of campaigning before a controversial referendum. The last episode of Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel series.

(Photo: A soldier salutes from atop an armoured vehicle in Pyongyang. Credit: Reuters)

Car Bomb Kills Evacuees In Syria

A massive suicide car bomb in Syria has hit a convoy of buses on the outskirts of Aleppo where thousands of people from two besieged government-held villages were waiting to be taken to safety. More than forty people are reported to have been killed, their bodies, including those of children, strewn beside the shattered coaches.

Also on the programme:

We hear from two Syrian architects on the looming battle, how to rebuild from the ruins. And Turkish politicians make their last appeals to voters ahead of Sunday's referendum but will the vote grant President Erdogan greater power?

Photo: still image showing a cloud of black smoke rising from vehicles in the distance in what is said to be Aleppo's outskirts. Credit: Reuters)

"Mother of All Bombs" Fired at IS in Afghanistan

US military strikes IS tunnel complex in Afghanistan with a weapon known as the "mother of all bombs". Also in the programme: extremely low turnout in Kashmir by-election; and Russia says it won't broadcast Eurovision Song Contest.

(Photograph shows an Afghan security official taking position during an operation against so-called Islamic State. Credit: European Photopress Agency)

China Warns of Escalating Tensions in North Korea

Following US strikes in Syria, North Korea says it plans a nuclear test to demonstrate its military might. But what does this mean for geopolitical relations between the US, North Korea, and its neighbour, China?

Also on the programme: front line reports from Iraq and Ukraine; several thousand people in Syria are being evacuated from besieged towns; and the persecution of gay and LGBT people in Chechnya leads to repercussions for Russian journalists covering the story.

(Photo: Tensions remain high near the North Korean border Credit: Getty Images)

Beslan School Massacre: Russia 'Failed' Hostages

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Russia used disproportionate force to end the 2004 Beslan school siege. More than 300 people, 186 of them children, died after Russian forces ousted Chechen militants who had stormed the school. Russia described the ruling as 'utterly unacceptable' and said it will appeal.

Also in the programme: Countdown to Turkish referendum and the legal trade in ivory from mammoth tusks.

(Photo: People gather in Beslan School to commemorate victims of the 2004 massacre. Credit: TASS via Getty Images)