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Florida Prepares for Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew looks set for direct hit on Florida; UN Special Envoy to Syria makes impassioned offer to Jihadists in Aleppo; Prince's home, Paisley Park, opens to the public

(Photo: Residents repair their homes destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in Les Cayes, Haiti. Credit: AP)

UN Pleads for Rebels to Leave Aleppo

Syria Special Envoy makes impassioned plea to warring parties; Hurricane Matthew latest.

(Picture: United Nation's Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura arrives for a press conference on the Aleppo situation. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Who is the new UN Secretary General?

Antonio Guterres poised to lead UN; Afghan aid; Thriller songwriter dies.

Photograph shows Portugal's former Prime Minister Antonio Guterres. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Nobel Chemistry Prize Awarded for Molecular Machines

Molecular motors win Nobel chemistry prize; Venezuela's starving; Sydney's unsolved gay hate murders.

(Photo: Professor Bernard Feringa of the Netherlands. Credit: Jeroen Van Kooten/ AFP)

Hurricane Matthew Claims Lives

Western Haiti suffers significant damage after Hurricane Matthew brings winds of over 200 kilometres an hour; The Vietnamese state radio broadcaster, known as "Hanoi Hannah" who became notorious for her anti-American propaganda during the Vietnam war, has died; How do you make a marriage last 90 years?

(Photo: People wade through a flooded street while Hurricane Matthew passes Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Credit: Reuters)

Hurricane Matthew Pounds Haiti

Western Haiti is being lashed by Hurricane Matthew; Colombia keeps up push for peace ; British-born scientists awarded Nobel Prize in Physics for discoveries about strange forms of matter

(Photo: A mini-bus crosses the water left by the rain after Hurricane Matthew in Port-au-Prince. Credit: Getty)