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Recent Episodes

The Putin/Assad dynamic

Joshua Landis analyses the Moscow meeting; Hitler and the Mufti; the "super forecasters".

Canada election result

Liberals win landslide victory in Canada; Dutch alarm over Syrian child brides; Tibet dissidents

Isaac Herzog

Israeli opposition leader; Canada's new government; family reunions in North Korea.

China's economy

China's economic growth slows; Iceland's president; Scientist tackling son's chronic fatigue syndrome

Migrant misery at European borders

Hungary's closure of Serbian border creates chaos; US worries about closer UK-China ties; the people who never forget a face.

Merkel promotes EU migrant plan to Turkey

Bishops in the UK urge David Cameron to take in more Syrian refugees; the power of prayer in Zambia, will it save the currency? And the history of London's famous clock tower Big Ben as it faces falling silent for refurbishment.

(Photo Credit: Reuters)