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Russia Begins Military Withdrawal from Syria

First Russian troops leave Syria; Myanmar elects civilian president; Anders Breivik complains of unacceptable treatment in prison

(Picture: Russian military planes return from Syria to Russia

Credit: STR/AFP/Getty)

Turkey Retaliates

Country launches air-strikes against Kurdish territory in northern Syria; Surviving a disastrous drugs trial - ten years on; Ninjas wanted

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Deadly Car Bomb Hits Central Ankara

A car bomb kills dozens in Turkey; Anti-government protests in Brazil; Loud sex in Sweden.

(Photo: emergency workers at the scene of the explosion in central Ankara. Credit: Elif Sogut/Getty Images)

Damascus "Not Serious" About Talks Says Opposition

Syrian opposition says government is "not serious" about proximity talks; Turkey's restive Kurdish region; President of Sierra Leone vetoes abortion law despite unanimous approval in parliament

Photo shows Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moualem at a news conference in Damascus. Photo credit: Reuters

Mikhail Lesin Died of "blunt force injuries"

Who killed Mikhail Lesin in a Washington hotel in November? India's two eastern states of Orissa and West Bengal are in a bitter row over sweets. After comments by President Obama about the British Prime Minister, how special is the UK/US "special relationship"?

(Photo: Mikhail Lesin's body was found in the central Dupont Circle Hotel. Credit: Associated Press)