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Exodus from Eritrea

Why are so many Eritreans fleeing their country? With a population of just six million, this young country in the Horn of Africa has accounted for the third largest flow of refugees into Europe this year, behind only Syria and Afghanistan. Join Owen Bennett Jones and his panel of guests on Newshour Extra this week as we try to understand the forces driving hundreds of thousands of Eritreans risking their lives in the hope of a better future.

Syrian Opposition Meets in Saudi Arabia

Opposition agrees framework for peace talks; China at COP21; Golden Globe nominations.

(Photo: A rebel fighter carries his weapon in the city of Homs, Syria. Credit: Reuters)

China's Unregistered Children

China to recognise millions of people born outside the one child policy; Rwanda arrests genocide suspect; President Putin's alliance building.

Picture: A mother walking over a bridge with her daughter; AFP

Crunch Time for Climate Change Talks

The Paris climate change talks have reached a crucial point - the point when the draft agreement gets the host's stamp placed upon it.

British anti-narcotics officers have been speaking openly for the first time about their mission in Colombia.

Surgeons in the United States are about to perform the first ever penis transplant on a soldier.

(Photo: Smoke belching out from a heating factory in Heihe, Northeast China. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Syrian rebels leaving the city Homs

Syrian rebels leave Homs; German neo Nazi trial; Could Rwanda suffer similar unrest as Burundi?

(Pic: Aid workers help the evacuation from the al-Wair district of Homs; Credit: AFP)

Trump Defiant on 'Muslim Ban'

Donald Trump says US should 'ban Muslims'; Who's who at the Syria talks in Saudi? Vegan bodybuilding.

Picture shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally on 7th December 2015. (Credit: Mic Smith / AP Photo)