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Bombs Kill Dozens in Syrian Government Heartland

Islamic State group claims attacks in President Assad's coastal heartland; Obama says lifting Vietnam weapons ban removes vestige of the Cold War; Film producer Rebecca O'Brien on winning in Cannes.

(Photo: Syrians gather at the scene of a bombing in the city of Tartous. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Dead Heat in Austria's Presidential Run-Off

The result is too close to call in Austria's presidential run-off, where the far-right Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer and Alexander Van der Bellen of the Greens are vying to be the country's next head of state; Anger in Venezuela; Run DMC's Walk This Way 30 years later.

(Photo: Austrian Presidential candidates Alexander Van der Bellen (L) of the Greens and Norbert Hofer (R) of the Freedom party. Credit: Getty Images)

Turkey Appoints New Prime Minister

Turkish democracy under Erdoğan; Afghan Taliban leader 'killed'; Mourinho to Manchester United.

Photograph shows Turkey's Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, who has emerged as the country's new prime minister. (Credit: Reuters)

EgyptAir MS804: In-Flight Fires

How do fires spread through planes? South African farm distribution plan; Are you less attractive in selfies?

Photograph shows debris that has been recovered from EgyptAir flight 804. (Credit: Press Association)

EgyptAir Smoke Clues

Investigators confirm EgyptAir sent automatic messages of smoke on board; Somali Foreign Minister on the proposed closure of Dadaab refugee camp; Happy Chewbacca goes viral.

(Picture: The EgyptAir A320. Credit: Reuters)

Zika Virus Linked to Birth Defects Found in Africa

World Health Organisation says Zika virus found in Cape Verde; Convicted murderer intrudes at Buckingham Palace; Drone strikes and secret kill lists.

(Photo: Mosquito. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)