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29/10/2015 13:06 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

Saudi FM: Assad Will Go

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir tells Newshour that the Syrian president, Bashir al Assad will have to leave power no matter what for there to be a solution to the crisis in Syria; China abandons its decades-long policy of restricting most families to having only one child, introduced to prevent over-population; and how do you stop Egyptian men sexually harrassing women? A group of artists come up with the idea of posting comic strips on the walls of metro stations to show what it feels like to be the victim of sexual harrassment

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The "Beautiful, Untold Story" of Saudi Arabia

Human rights or business in Saudi Arabia? 50 years after the first American astronaut walked in space, two more are out there; the audio trickery behind wildlife films.

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Austria's Interior Minister on Fence with Slovenia

Austria and Slovenia say they are planning to build fences on their southern borders to help to control the flow of migrants and refugees; an exclusive BBC investigation from the United States has uncovered details of the case against a man jailed for the killing of a British tourist -- which may cast doubt on the safety of his conviction; and we talk space science with former astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield.

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US Sails "Too Near" Disputed China Islands

China says the US warship which sailed close to islands constructed by Beijing in the South China Sea was "provocative"; the Syrian family refused asylum in Russia now stuck for 40 days in a Moscow airport; and has the British House of Lords voted for their own demise?

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US Budget Deal

A deal between Congress and the White House on the budget averts a government shutdown; the Syrian family stuck in no man's land at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport; and former Fed Chief, Ben Bernanke, speaks to Newshour.

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