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Militant cleric arrested in Lebanon

Sunni cleric Ahmad al-Assir detained; former Burundi army chief assassinated; Japan's emperor expresses remorse over war.

Image: AP

Tianjin evacuation

China extends Tianjin exclusion zone; Japan Emperor's WW2 remorse; Chelsea's doctor row.

Picture by EPA

US flag raised in Havana

US flag flies at Cuba embassy; Austria migrant centre overcrowding; The Iliad live

Japanese PM expresses WW2 remorse

Shinzo Abe has expressed "profound grief" but no apology. He added that future generations should not "be predestined to apologise" - we speak to a Japanese student who agrees with him; Tianjin chemical dangers but the Chinese authorities are saying that they believe that the environment is safe; Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says Britain should return the skulls of his country's war heroes.

Photo Shinzo Abe Reuters