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Recent Episodes

ICC's Timbuktu Trial

Mali rebel pleads guilt to cultural destruction; extremism in prisons; Tokyo 2020.

Photograph shows Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi appearing at the ICC in The Hague. (Credit: Reuters)

Rio 2016: The Highs and Lows

The greatest moments and biggest disappointments of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio di Janeiro, the retributions following the Camp Speicher massacre in Iraq, and remembering boy band mogul Lou Perlman.

(Photo: The Olympic stadium on the opening night of the athletics at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Credit: Reuters)

Yemen: The Forgotten War?

A pro-Houthi rally is disrupted by a Saudi airstrike in Sanaa, the dangers of homemade butane hash oil, and how did the story of Slender Man spread?

(Photo: A pro-Houthi rally in Sanaa, Yemen, 20 August 2016 Credit: AP)

Yemen Protests

Yemen protests against air strikes; Baghdad theatre scene; All Blacks rugby team bugged

Bombing of Hasaka, Syria

Syrian army targets Kurdish areas of Hasaka; Germany's veil debate; Trump campaign chairman quits.

Photograph shows Syrian Kurdish civilians fleeing reported shelling in the northeastern governorate of Hasakah. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)