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On the Frontline in Battle for IS-held Manbij

Rare report from inside Syria; Dutch view on Brexit; drugs in battlefield.

Photograph shows civilians have been displaced by the fighting for Manbij. (Credit: BBC)

The Economics of Brexit

The EU referendum's implications for the global economy; Russia plays second game at Euro 2016 amid worries about football violence; The world's oldest beer?

(Photo: A British Union flag and a European Union flag. Credit: Reuters/Toby Melville)

Obama and Trump clash over Orlando shooting

More on Orlando shooting; Russia faces Euro disqualification; Diving to a sunken ship

(Photo: Orlando gunman Omar Mateen. Credit: AFP PHOTO / MYSPACE.COM)

Details Emerge about Orlando Shootings

More details on the Orlando club shootings; a bird's brain worth more than you think; one of the greatest pioneers of the Beehive hairstyle of the 1960s has died

Picture of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen. Credit: AFP

Orlando Shooter - What The FBI Knew

Shooting "home grown extremism"; Qatar deports alleged rape victim; Russia's football hooligans.

Photograph shows people lighting candles during a vigil in memory of the victims of the gay nightclub mass shooting in Orlando. (Credit: Reuters)

Gun Control v Right to Bear Arms

Orlando police say 49 people were killed in a shooting at a gay nightclub; Leading politicians react; Gunman's father says he is grief stricken.

(Photo: A couple share a kiss wrapped in a rainbow flag as residents of San Francisco mourn the mass shooting in Orlando; Credit: European Photopress Agency)