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Deadly Earthquake Hits Afghanistan and Pakistan

Many killed in what Afghan authorities say is the strongest quake in the region in decades; WHO links red/ processed meat with cancer; Gin makes a comeback

(Photo credit: Anas Mallick, who is in Karimabad, less than 200 km from the Afghan border)

Earthquake Latest

Pakistan and Afghanistan quake; Nawal El Saadawi; Halloween pumpkin or Halloween turnip?

(Photo: Earthquake damage in Ghazni, south-west of Kabul. Credit: BBC Afghan)

Argentinians Vote to Choose New President

Argentinians go to the polls to choose a President to replace Christina Fernandez de Kirchner; The American-backed rebel group, The Free Syrian Army rejects Russia's offer of military assistance, saying it doesn't trust them; How important was the battle of Agincourt?

(Photo Credit: Reuters)

Maldives Vice-President Charged with "High Treason"

The Vice-President of the Maldives, Ahmed Adheeb, has been arrested in connection with an assassination attempt on the island nation's leader; The BBC's Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet reports from Saudi Arabia; The British parliament may cease printing legislation on vellum made from calfskin.

(Photo Credit: EPA)

Catholic Bishops Soften Divorcee Doctrine

Vatican synod latest; Maldivian VP arrested over explosion; How hackers make money.

(Photo: Pope Francis in St Peter's Square this week. Credit: EPA)