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Syrian President says Aleppo not under siege

Fighting between Syria's warring parties has resumed on almost every front as President Assad denies that the city of Aleppo is under siege;

Egyptian authorities say they have recovered 42 bodies from the Mediterranean, but hundreds more migrants are feared to have drowned after their boat sank; the big business of the wine industry.

(Photo: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaking in July 2016. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Syria Opposes No-Fly Zone

Damascus rejects US call for a no-fly zone; Has China lost control of its first space station?; Why cut-throat academia can lead to bad science.

(Picture: A Syrian man carries a baby after rescuing him from a destroyed building in Aleppo. Credit: Getty Images)

Yemen Starvation

The United Nations Children's Fund says two million children are severely malnourished in war-torn Yemen; Tension in Democratic Republic of Congo after opposition demonstrations; Should tattoos be allowed in the workplace?

(Photo: Salem, 5, suffers from malnutrition at a hospital in Hodeidah near Sanaa, Yemen; Credit: AP).

Obama Urges UN to Help Refugees

President Obama calls for greater acceptance of refugees; The German village home to a small band of committed neo-Nazis; What we know about the Brangelina split.

(Picture: President Obama addresses the UN General Assembly. Credit: Getty Images)

Syrian Ceasefire Collapse?

Many killed in aid convoy attack; inside a Gulen school; can computers cure cancer?

(Photo: Damaged trucks carrying aid, in Aleppo Credit: Aleppo 24 News/Associated Press)

New York Bombing Suspect Held

US police have taken in to custody a man wanted over this weekend's bomb attacks; Game of Thrones breaks record for the highest number of Emmy Awards; Many dead in Congo anti-Kabila protests

(Picture: A picture of Ahmad Rahami at a NYC police news conference. Credit: Getty)