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Belgian PM: Brussels to Remain at Highest Alert Level

Charles Michel announces that while the alert remains, schools and the subway in Brussels will reopen on Wednesday; Scientists explore surrogacy to save the northern white rhino; Can you save the planet by changing your diet?

(Photo Credit: EPA)

Fighting Islamic State

Ground troops ruled out; landslide in Myanmar; Africa's first female naval commander

(Photo: President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference in Manila Credit: AP)

Belgium Extends Brussels Lockdown

Brussels to remain on high alert; Argentina's presidential run-off; French Lebanese Jazz.

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Belgium Terror Alert

A serious and imminent threat; paid to walk; Mali attack claimed by Al-Qaeda linked group

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Brussels in Lockdown

The Belgian capital is on high alert after the country's government warns that attacks like those in Paris could be imminent; Why Miss World Canada won't stop questioning China's human rights record; The rapper Ice-T swaps gangster rap for jazz and poetry as he takes on the work of the poet Langston Hughes.

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Mali Hotel Attack

Bamako hotel siege latest; EU border wrangles; Hitler's lawyer's son remembers the Nuremberg Trials; worms boost human fertility.

Picture shows Malian troops in position outside the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako.

(Credit: Habibou Kouyate/AFP/Getty Images)