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Deal reached on Greek debt

Greece gets breathing space but at what cost? Ukraine to sell more than 300 state assets.

Greek deal fallout

Greece discusses bailout deal; Syrian rebels free UK woman; passion for Pluto

PHOTO: An anti-EU protester unfurls a Greek national flag on Monday evening (Reuters)

Greek austerity fails to convince

EU leaders' summit cancelled; Federer - a tennis legend; Mexican drug lord escapes jail

(EPA/Yannis Kolesidis)

Make or break talks for Greece

Eurozone leaders discuss plans to offer Greece another bailout in exchange for an extensive list of reforms; Joaquin Guzman - known as El Chapo - escapes from a high security prison through a kilometre-long tunnel; Jon Vickers - whose voice was said to hold 100 colours and inflections - has died. (Photo: AP)