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Recent Episodes

The changing air campaign in Syria

Napalm attacks in a Damascus suburb and Russian planes launch from Iran for the first time, China's unhackable quantum satellite, and Indonesian airways cleared for flight.

(Photo: Russian bomber in flight over Aleppo, 16 August Credit: Russian Defence Ministry Press Service)

Young Men Damaged by Porn

Excessive online porn and sexual dysfunction; Trump's latest speech; how safe are Tazers?

Who is the greatest Olympian of all time?

Debating what makes a perfect athlete and how Usain Bolt measures up, the effects of online pornography on young men, and Trump's pitch to the Amish community of Ohio.

(Photo: Usain Bolt thumps his chest on the finish line of the 100m sprint at the 2016 Olympic Games Credit: AFP / Getty)

Nigeria: "Unconditional" Deal with Islamist Militants?

Boko Haram releases video of some of the 200 Chibok school girls: is the Nigerian government on the verge of a deal with the militants? Are the Chinese really rude when they go abroad? Usain Bolt on the verge of making Olympic history in Rio.

(Picture: Campaign signboard showing government's readiness to defeat Boko Haram in Nigeria. Credit: Getty Images)

New Boko Haram Video

New video of Chibok girls released; Bahrain's Shia leader; Iraqi youth orchestra

Venezuela opens border with Colombia

Venezuelans pour into Colombia to buy supplies; Trump and Russia; a stranded elephant

(Photo:Long queues at border crossing between San Antonio del Tachira in Venezuela and Cucuta in Colombia. Credit: EPA)