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Catholic Bishops Soften Divorcee Doctrine

Vatican synod latest; Maldivian VP arrested over explosion; How hackers make money.

(Photo: Pope Francis in St Peter's Square this week. Credit: EPA)

Russia's role in Syria talks

Is Russia taking a leading role in talks on Syria? Risky business in China; Do women understand fracking?

(Photo: Vladimir Putin Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Mexico Braces for Intense Hurricane Patricia

Patricia which is heading for Mexico's West Coast is set to become the strongest hurricane ever in the Western Hemisphere; South African students win fee concession from President Zuma after protests; snow leopards at risk as Himalayas melt.

(Photo Credit: European Photopress Agency)

Benghazi Hearing

Hillary Clinton testifies before congressional committee investigating Benghazi attacks; UN accuses the Czech Republic of "mistreating" migrants and refugees; The man who plans to swim solo across the Atlantic Ocean

(Photo credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Permafrost Warming

One of the world's leading scientists warns that the permafrost is warming faster than thought, with potentially grave consequences for climate change; new research on sniffing out disease; China bans party members from joining golf clubs in anti-corruption drive.

Picture shows the permafrost in Greenland. (Credit: Thinkstock)

Assad in Moscow

Syrian president in surprise visit to Russia; A vulture's diet; Back to the Future Day