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FBI Email Probe Ignites Final Stretch of US Campaign

Tim Franks in Florida with Trump and Clinton supporters; Owen Bennett Jones in Damascus; The glacial Nepalese lake drained due to Mount Everest flood risk.

(Photo: Silhouettes of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Credit: Getty Images)

How Polls Have Reacted to FBI Email Probe

Pollster John Zogby on Clinton email probe; EU-Canada trade deal signed; Spy exhibition

(Photo: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

New Earthquake Strikes Central Italy

Norcia quake: buildings destroyed but no lives lost; Bangladesh cricket victory; French spies

(Photo: Italian firefighters escort a frightened woman out of a building just as an aftershock rattled Norcia. Credit: AP/Gregorio Borgia)

FBI Director Comey in the Spotlight

FBI director James Comey defends email probe; Bob Dylan breaks silence; Bollywood film controversy

(Photo: FBI Director James Comey. Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Clinton Addresses New Email Inquiry

Clinton faces new FBI probe; India-Pakistan tension over Bollywood film; Butterfly Lovers

(Photo: Hillary Clinton at a press conference addressing new FBI prob into her use of a private email server. Credit: AFP)

Tribunal Rules Uber Drivers Not 'Self-Employed'

Uber verdict may lead to new 'employee' benefits; FBI re-opens Clinton email probe; Alien life clue on Earth?

(Photo: The Uber app, which matches up drivers with passengers. Credit: Getty Images)