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Greek banks closed all week

The European Commission chief, Jean-Claude Juncker, says he feels 'betrayed' by the 'egotism' shown by Greece in the failed debt talks; Stock markets in Europe and Asia see big falls after Greece closes its banks; Lions are being transported from South Africa to Rwanda to replace those killed during the country's 1994 civil war.

Emergency funding for Greek banks

Greek finance minister on the looming debt payment deadline; the black hole eating its neighbouring star; Formula E - the new sport of green motor racing

(Photo shows a man walking past graffiti made by street artist N_Grams that reads "NO" in German but also "YES, IN" in Greek. AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

Greece imposes capital controls

Greek banks will remain closed on Monday; Unmanned SpaceX rocket explodes minutes after launch; Burk Uzzle - the man photographing the 'visual craziness' of America's back roads

(Photo: People queue to withdraw money from an ATM outside a branch of Greece"s Alpha Bank in Athens, Greece. EPA/ALEXANDROS VLACHOS)

Mosque crackdown in Tunisia

Sousse beach resort attack aftermath - and its impact on tourism; Kuwait buries suicide bombing victims; Iranian-American "food diplomacy"

(Photo credit: Flowers and a note are laid on a sun lounger at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse, Tunisia. EPA/ANDREAS GEBERT)

Greece denied bail-out extension

Eurogroup creditors refuse to extend Greece bail-out programme beyond 30 January, when Athens is due to repay the IMF $1.7bn; Planeloads of shocked tourists have been flying out of Tunisia after the beach resort massacre which left at least 38 people dead; The work of the 20th Century artist, M.C. Escher, is being celebrated in an exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Art