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Recent Episodes

UK Report On Libya

Parliament report criticises David Cameron for Libya intervention; Jean-Claude Juncker says EU is facing existential crisis; mapping our galaxy.

Photograph shows David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy arriving in Libya. (Credit: Associated Press)

Can the UN Now Get Aid into Worst-Affected Parts of Syria?

As the latest ceasefire holds, questions arise about aid getting into northern Syria; could it be possible, one day, for babies to be made without eggs? Ugandan chess champion from the slumps of Kampala to Hollywood.

(Picture: Syrian youths at a café in the government-held Mogambo neighbourhood in Aleppo. Credit: Getty Images)

Ceasefire in Syria

Reports suggest the latest agreement to reduce the fighting in Syria is being widely respected; former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, quits as a Member of Parliament; corruption allegations against South Sudan's ruling elites.

(Picture: Syrian children celebrate Eid Al-Adha Eid Al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) in Aleppo. Credit: Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton Treated for Pneumonia

The importance of health and vitality in politics; Syrian truce deal to come into effect; Paralysed and pregnant woman wearing bionic suit completes 21km run