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Germany's open door policy?

Germany - now an open door for Syrian refugees?; World's first enriched uranium bank in Kazakhstan; Terry Pratchett's final Discworld novel published posthumously

Photo credit: Berlin refugee centre AFP/Getty Images

Grim Find in Austria Lorry

Migrants die on roadside; New Orleans Jazz Vipers; Guinness book turns 60 (Photo Credit: EPA)

South Sudan peace deal

Hopes for end to fighting in South Sudan; US journalists shot; Tanzania's female couples.

Picture: Riek Machar, with back to camera, shakes hands with South Sudan"s President Salva Kiir in August 2015. Photo by AP

Hungary builds anti-migrant fence

Hungary builds anti-migrant fence; US TV crew shot; the after-effects of 9/11 dust inhalation.

Picture credit: AFP / Getty Images

Europe's asylum system

is it broken? Chemical weapons used in Syria; Russia jails Ukrainian filmmaker