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London Police End 24 Hour Watch on Julian Assange

Wikileaks founder still in Ecuadorean embassy; Turkey's deepening disarray after Saturday's bombings; First ever recording in the Sistine Chapel

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Turkey in mourning

Turkey mourns bomb blast victims; Cuban artist Coco Fusco; Wales qualifies for Euro 2016

Has Russia Turned the Tide in Syria?

The Syrian government makes gains on the ground; Belarus goes to the polls; Alaska oil.

Picture: REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah

Bomb Blasts at Peace Rally in Turkish Capital

Two explosions at a peace rally in the Turkish capital of Ankara have killed dozens of people; North Korea marks the seventieth anniversary of the country's ruling Workers' Party; The revival of the Latin crossword.

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Who bombed the Ankara peace rally?

Turkey vows to find peace rally bombers; another candidate withdraws from Ivory Coast presidential election; has the time come for geoengineering?

Nobel Peace Prize goes to Tunisian Quartet

This year's Nobel Peace Prize goes to the mediators in Tunisia's post-Arab Spring government; how much good can come of more foreign intervention in Syria?; a brother and sister share their experiences of surviving Ebola

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