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Tight Security in Rio Ahead of Olympics Opening

Security is tight in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro, ahead of the opening of the Olympic Games; A rare admission of error from Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump; The last two print journalists leave London's legendary Fleet Street.

(Picture: Soldiers patrol ahead of the opening ceremony. Credit: Reuters)

Rio Olympics: Countdown to the Opening Ceremony

The first Olympic games to be held in South America, but how prepared is Rio?; the ANC suffers a setback in elections; China's 'Great Flood', is it a legend or did it really happen?

(Photo Rio de Janeiro; Credit Getty Images)

Gaza Charity Boss Accused Of Funding Hamas

Israel charges the Gaza head of Christian charity World Vision with diverting funds to the militant group Hamas; attacks on Aleppo hospitals; hopes for a vaccine to combat the Zika virus.

(Photo: the office of the US-based Christian NGO, World Vision, in east Jerusalem. Credit: Getty Images)

Murder Arrest after London Knife Attack

Mental health fears after stabbings; South African elections; how birds sleep mid-flight.

(Photo: An armed police officer stands guard following a fatal stabbing in Russell Square. Credit: Reuters)

South Sudan Humanitarian Catastrophe

President Kiir fires ministers; new Boko Haram leader; why haven't we found alien life?

Photograph shows a child posing as a man sets up a shelter at the UN compound in the Tomping area in Juba. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

03/08/2016 GMT

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