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British to Repatriate Nationals from Sharm

UK restricts travel to Egyptian tourist resort following downing of Russian airliner; Myanmar prepares for landmark elections; Cristiano Ronaldo why he always believes he's the best

(Photo credit: Reuters)

Egypt's Key Role in Fighting IS

President Sisi says IS a threat to all; the controversial privatisation of Japan's post office; Romanian government forced out after nightclub fire

(Photo: Egyptian President Sisi Credit: BBC)

Iraqi Politician Ahmed Chalabi Dies

Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi politician who was instrumental in the Bush administration's decision to go to war against Saddam Hussein, has died; Burundi violence warning; we meet the 14 year old girl campaigning for peace in Afghanistan.

Picture shows Ahmed Chalabi. (Credit: AFP)

The Legacy of Ahmad Chalabi

Influential Iraqi politician dies; 14-year-old Afghan teacher; Instagram star quits social media.

(Photo Credit: AP)

Can Erdogan unite Turkey?

Special coverage from Turkey after AK victory; Xinjiang newspaper editor sacked; Chinese 'jetliner' unveiled.