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Europol: 10,000 Child Refugees Missing in Europe

Europol says at least 10,000 unaccompanied child refugees disappear in Europe; a new form of cheating in cycling; and ex-former Mafia boss gunned down in Canada.

(Photo: Unaccompanied Asylum seeking children. Credit: Kent County Council Media and Public Relations)

German Police 'Should Shoot at Migrants', Populist Politician Says

German Police 'Should Shoot at Migrants', Populist Politician Says

Her comments were condemned by leftwing parties and by the German police union.

Also, veteran UK broadcaster Terry Wogan dies; How to contain the Zika virus; Syria talks

(Photo: Frauke Petry Credit: Reuters)

Parties Arrive For Syria Talks

Syria: what are "proximity talks" and could they work? Proton beam therapy may not be as toxic as conventional radiotherapy; 4D printing.

Picture shows: Salem al-Meslet of Syria's High Negotiations Committee (Syria"s main opposition body) arrives in Geneva for peace talks on January 30, 2016.

Photographer: Fabrice Coffrini

Credit: AFP/Getty Images

"Safer" Cancer Therapy For Children's Brain Tumours

Lancet study: Proton beam treatment has less side effects; Are refugees target for radicalisation? Animals as "spies".

(Photo: Ashya King, 5, arrives for pre-cancer treatment examinations at the Motol hospital in Prague, Czech Republic. Credit: Associated Press.)

Syrian Opposition Attend Peace Talks

Main Syrian opposition coalition attend talks; Zika advice for travellers; Top mafia bosses caught in Italy

(Photo: Damaged buildings in the Syrian town of Kobane

Credit: Ahmet Sik/Getty)

Syrian Peace Talks to Begin in Geneva

Long-awaited Syrian peace talks are due to begin in Geneva, but it's still unclear who will attend from the fractured opposition.

A college at Oxford University says it has decided not to remove a statue of the British imperialist Cecil Rhodes.

The Zika virus is causing growing concern - and at the heart of it, the mosquito - and lots of questions: why are the mosquito populations increasing?

(Photo: Aleppo in ruins. Credit: Reuters)