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MSF Hospital Hit by Air Strikes in Kunduz

Bart Janssens director of Operations at MSF condems the attack in Afghanistan; Four of the main sponsors of FIFA have demanded that president Sep Blatter resign immediately; Writer and director Jeff Lieberman talks about his documentary 'The Amazing Nina Simone'.

(Photo Credit: Reuters)

UN Denounces Afghan Hospital Bombing

Resident tells story of fleeing Kunduz; Vatican sacks gay priest who reveals relationship; is British toilet paper too thin?

(Photo Credit: AP)

Putin in Paris

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is in Paris at talks expected to be dominated by Russia's military action in Syria; India announces long-term plan to limit its greenhouse gas emissions; One of Ireland's best known playwrights, Brian Friel, dies at the age of 86 after a long illness.

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Russia Launches More Air Strikes in Syria

Russian MP, Leonid Kalashnikov, defends the mission in Syria; A new set of laws will be introduced in an attempt to clean up the food industry in China; Photographer Christopher Herwig explains why he spent more than a decade photographing Soviet bus stops.

(Photo Credit: AFP)