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What Now For Iraqi Kurdistan?

The people of Iraqi Kurdistan have voted overwhelmingly for independence in a non-binding referendum. The Iraqi government has reacted strongly by announcing they will be sending troops to the disputed areas of the region and applying economic pressure. So can the two sides still negotiate? Or is this a precursor to armed conflict?

Also in the programme: The San Francisco statue upsetting Japan. And the world's newest continent reveals its secrets.

(Photo: Kurds wave the Kurdish flag in support of the independence referendum. Delil Souleiman/Getty Images)

Islamic State Losing Control of Raqqa

After months of fighting the battle to retake the IS stronghold of Raqqa enters its final weeks, but at what civilian cost?

Also in the programme: Saudi women drivers and the US imposes tariffs on Bombardier.

(Picture: A fighter from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) takes a selfie as he stands near rubble at a damaged site in Raqqa, Syria September 25, 2017. Credit: Reuters)

Turkey President furious at Kurdish referendum

President Erdogan accuses the Kurds of "treachery" a day after an independence referendum was held in the autonomous region of Kurdistan. He warned that the push for independence risked dragging the region into war.

Also in the programme: assessing risks of anti-epilepsy drugs to pregnant women and three Israelis killed in West Bank attack

(Picture: Soldiers hold a Turkish and Iraqi national flag while standing in the turret of a Turkish armoured vehicle participating in a military exercise near the Turkish-Iraqi border in the Silopi district, in Sirnak City, Turkey, 26 September 2017 Credit: EPA)

German Elections - The Day After

Is this the end of grand coalition politics in Germany? We also hear how Germany's main opposition parties will respond to the emergence of the right wing AfD Party. Also in the programme: Views on the Kurdistan referendum from Erbil and Baghdad, and the war of words between North Korea and the US escalates.

(Photo: Martin Schulz, who had run for chancellor in the German election, attends a board meeting at SPD headquarters on September 25, 2017 in Berlin. Credit: Getty Images)

Germany's Historic Election Result

The German chancellor Angela Merkel has said she wants to win back voters who have deserted her party for the AfD. What will this mean for politics in Germany? What will the emergence of the far right herald? And is this the end of grand coalition politics? Our team on the ground in Berlin find out.

Also in the programme: Kurds vote in a controversial referendum for independence from Iraq. NFL players anger President Trump

(Photo:Angela Merkel speaks to the media the day after the German elections. Credit: Getty Images)

Exit Poll: Merkel Wins but Far Right Makes Gains

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been re-elected for a fourth term, according to exit polls. But the far right AfD party is also projected to gain seats in the Bundestag for the first time. Razia Iqbal in Berlin hears reactions from all the major parties.

(Photo: CDU leader Angela Merkel looks to her challenger Martin Schulz of the SPD (r) and Christian Lindner (front) ahead of a televised discussion following publication of exit poll results. Credit: AFP / Getty)