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Lebanese PM calls for aid

The Lebanese leader, Tammam Salam, calls for help in dealing with the Syrian refugees in his country; Tony Abbott ousted as Australian Prime Minister; How the food a mother eats at the time of conception could influence her baby later in life

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Germany reintroduces border controls

Germany reintroduces border controls; Turkey imposes curfew in Diyarbakir; Boko Haram-related humanitarian crisis in Sahel.

Picture: Reuters

Who is Jeremy Corbyn?

Britain's Labour elects new leader; a call to boycott Hajj; Kenya's Mau Mau memorial

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

Aid cuts forcing people to flee camps; UK's new Labour leader; Judith Kerr's new book

Hungary "will not forgive illegal border crossings"

As the Hungarian government warns it "will not forgive illegal border crossings", refugee advocates have attacked the authorities over a video showing police throwing food to a crowd of migrants; A crane collapse in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Mecca kills 87 people; the computer game Super Mario is celebrating its 30th birthday

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