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International Criticism Over Trump's Travel Ban

Germany has condemned President Trump's decision to halt America's refugee programme and impose temporary bans on people arriving from seven Muslim-majority countries. We hear views for and against the move.

Also on the programme: the Swedish journalist facing charges of human trafficking for helping a refugee into the country. And we talk to the historian Deborah Lipstadt on her landmark libel case about holocaust denial.

(Photo: protesters gather to denounce President Donald Trump's executive order that bans certain immigration at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Credit: G. Morty Ortega/Getty Images)

Confusion Over US Refugee Ban

President Donald Trump is facing legal challenges to his executive order placing a temporary ban on refugees from entering the United States. There has been confusion among airlines, customs and border officials, with travellers prevented from boarding and some detained after landing on American soil.

Also on the programme: Scientists warn that global warming could lead to raised levels of toxic mercury in fish and what sort of music does your dog like?

(Photo: Protesters rally at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Credit: Getty Images)

Donald Trump Bans Refugees

Following Donald Trump's ban on refugees, the UN's Refugee Agency and the International Organisation for Migration are calling on the US to continue to protect people fleeing war and persecution. We speak to IOM's Leonard Doyle.

Also on the programme: The Democratic Republic of Congo is to sign a power sharing agreement; and why are young people somewhat reluctant to return home for the Chinese New Year.

(Picture: US President Donald Trump signing executive orders. Credit: Getty Images)

A New Era of US-UK Relations?

The British PM Theresa May meets President Trump. Will the 'special relationship' continue as normal?

Also on the programme... Britain's about-turn on Syria; why some domestic abuse has been decriminalised in Russia; remembering the Holocaust.

(Photo: President Trump meets British PM Theresa May. Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Theresa May Says Liberal Interventionism Must End

British Prime Minister tells US that the era of Western military intervention is over. Theresa May will become the first foreign leader to visit President Donald Trump.

Also in the programme...How the Mexican wall could affect trade; Al-Shabab inflict heavy blow on Kenyan army; Why young girls think they can't be geniuses.

(Photo: Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May addresses Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia. Credit: REUTERS)

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