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Fresh migrant protests in Budapest

Should the UK take its fair share of migrants? Ntaganda ICC trial starts; embassy's plan to evict Assange (Photo credit: Reuters)

Europe flounders in the wake of the migrant crisis

Greece: more facilities to deal with migrant arrivals; police in Japan issue a warning about potential gang violence; a skyscraper's been judged to be the UK's worst building

(Photo credit: Reuters)

Iraq - Kurdish Resistance to IS

Peshmerga commander on fighting IS in Northern Iraq; media freedom in Thailand; Iceland Facebook campaign to welcome more refugees

Picture: Reuters

Hungary Defends Migrant Policy

Hundreds of migrants stopped from boarding trains to Northern Europe in Budapest; Catholic priests given temporary discretion to forgive abortion; US endangered plant smuggling

(Photo credit: EPA)

Violent Ukraine Protests

Kiev clashes over moves to give more power to disputed eastern regions; Memorial for migrant lorry victims in Vienna; South African rugby squad accused of white privilege

(Photo credit: AFP)