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Summary Executions in the Philippines

Essay from Aleppo; Norway's controversial wolf cull; When soul and country come together; Mexico's creepy-crawly cuisine

(Picture: Mr Duterte at news conference, pointing finger Credit: EPA)

EU's Migration Challenge

European Union plan to stop illegal migration; one of Brazil's best-loved TV actors, Domingos Montagner, drowns; world's oldest man to have Bar Mitzvah 100 years late

(Picture: EU leaders depart a working session at a meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia. Credit: Getty Images)

After Brexit: EU Leaders' Summit, Without Britain

27 EU leaders meet in Bratislava; Calls for the Mexican President to resign; Nigel Farage replaced as leader of UKIP.

(Photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks to the press in Bratislava ahead of a meeting of EU leaders. Credit: Getty Images)

Syrian Government 'Blocking Aid'

The United Nations says despite the ceasefire which began on Monday, the Syrian government is blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of civilians; International monitors say a truce in Ukraine between government forces and Russian-backed fighters is being widely respected; It's a hundred years ago today since the first tanks were deployed in battle.

(Photo: Damaged buildings on Castello Road, a crucial access road into Aleppo on 28/7/2016; Credit: SANA via Reuters)

Syria Ceasefire Extended

US and Russia agree to extend ceasefire by 48 hours; what does proposed Monsanto deal mean for the future of food; Gaia telescope finds new stars.

(Picture: A man rides a motorcycle near damaged buildings in the rebel held Old Aleppo, Syria, Credit: REUTERS/Abdalrahman Ismail)