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Recent Episodes

Kurdish Tensions

Civilians reported dead in Iraqi Kurdish zone; Mark Zuckerberg criticises miscarriage taboo; US civil rights march.

PHOTO: A PKK fighter inspects a crater reportedly caused by a Turkish air strike in the Qandil mountain this week (AFP).

Child Migrants Trying to Get to UK

Calls for better care for migrant children arriving in the UK; North Korean university life as seen through western eyes; new Ebola vaccine raises hopes

(Photo: Young migrants in Calais Credit: Press Association)

Suspected MH370 Wreckage Found

Malaysian PM says wreckage washed up on Indian Ocean island is probably from missing plane; Special report on US child-trafficking; a distant aurora

(Photo: Police inspect wreckage washed up on the French island Reunion. Credit: Reuters)

Calais Migrant Crisis

Plea for help over Calais crisis; Israel allows force-feeding in jail; Marlon Brando archives