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Turkey Downs Russian Warplane

Putin describes shooting of Russian warplane by Turkey as a 'stab in the back' ; Life as an ISIS wife in Raqqa; Why Kimchi is so popular

(Photo shows: A plane falling to the ground near the Syrian border with Turkey. Credit: EPA/ Haberturk TV Channel)

Turkey downs Russian fighter jet

Tensions in the skies above Syria's border; A 'Wild West' deep in the Swedish forests provides shelter for refugees; Jogging with Palestine's marathon runners

(Photo credit: Reuters /Haberturk TV)

Brussels: no schools, no metro

Two Brussels residents on life under the high terror alert; the EU commissioner on migration says refugees are not terrorists; Argentina's new President Mauricio Macri: who is he and what will his policies be?

Picture: A sign reads "school closed for security reasons" in Brussels

Credit: REUTERS/Yves Herman

Belgian PM: Brussels to Remain at Highest Alert Level

Charles Michel announces that while the alert remains, schools and the subway in Brussels will reopen on Wednesday; Scientists explore surrogacy to save the northern white rhino; Can you save the planet by changing your diet?

(Photo Credit: EPA)

Fighting Islamic State

Ground troops ruled out; landslide in Myanmar; Africa's first female naval commander

(Photo: President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference in Manila Credit: AP)

Belgium Extends Brussels Lockdown

Brussels to remain on high alert; Argentina's presidential run-off; French Lebanese Jazz.

(Photo Credit: Reuters)