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Recent Episodes

Newshour's Quiz of the Year 2015

Razia Iqbal and Tim Franks pit their wits against Rebecca Kesby and James Menendez. James Coomarasamy keeps order.

Deal for Militants' Withdrawal from Damascus Suburbs

UN-brokered Syria deal; Russia and India strike nuclear deal; Christmas carol origins.

(Photo: In April, IS militants based in Hajar al-Aswad overran much of the Yarmouk refugee camp. Credit: Amaq)

How to Defeat Insurgencies

Beating insurgency in Nigeria and Iraq; US comic Margaret Cho; a new Colossus of Rhodes?

Photo shows Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. (Credit: AFP/Getty)

Eyewitness Account of the Fight for Ramadi

Photographer describes embed with Iraqis special forces fighting IS; Nigerian army accused of killing 100s of Shia Muslims; Malaysia's runaway children

(Photo shows: Iraqi pro-government forces standing next to armoured vehicles as they take position outside Ramadi. Photo credit: AFP/Getty)

The Battle for Sangin is "Lost" to the Taliban

We hear from inside the besieged Afghan town; The British Muslim family banned from US; and how singing is helping Syrian girls

Photo credit: Corporal Adrian Harlen/MoD Crown Copyright/PA Wire.