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Yemen Ceasefire

Fighting has been reported in several places in Yemen despite a new truce; South Korea says a high-ranking North Korean intelligence officer has defected; The number of tigers living in the wild has increased for the first time after decades of decline.

(Photo: Yemeni loyalist forces man a checkpoint in Aden; Photographer: Saleh Al-Obeidi; Credit: AFP/Getty)

India Temple Fire Kills Over 100 People

Eyewitness recounts horror; migrants confront Macedonian border police; sexual attraction to relatives.

Photograph shows a victim is being brought to a stretcher at the site of mishap where a fire triggered by fireworks resulted in damage at a temple in Kollam, India. (Credit: European Photopress Agency)

India Temple Fire

The authorities in southern India have ordered an inquiry into an explosion and fire at a Hindu temple that killed more than one-hundred people; Manny Pacquiao's throws his last punch in a boxing ring; was 1971 the best year for pop music?

Photo shows rescue efforts at the temple in Kerala. (Credit: AFP)

Belgian Terror Suspects Charged

'Man in the hat' found?; return to Palmyra; Hitler house.

Photograph shows the Archbishop of Canterbury the Right Reverend Justin Welby. (Credit: Press Association)

North Korea Tests New Missile Engine

New North Korean missile test makes its neighbours jittery; Archbishop of Canterbury learns the truth about his father; Should we worry about polar motion?

Photo shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Photo credit: Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)/AFP/Getty Images

Belgian arrests

Brussels police arrest four suspects in Brussels and Paris bombings; Uganda's only cancer radiotherapy machine breaks down; Irish drag queen Panti Bliss opens HIV-AIDS testing clinic in Dublin gay bar.

(Photo: Belgian bombing suspect; Credit: Reuters)