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Louisville Pays its Respects to Muhammad Ali

Tens of thousands of people are bidding a final farewell to the boxing legend Muhammad Ali as his funeral procession moves through the streets of his home city of Louisville in Kentucky. The heavyweight champion and black rights activist died last Friday aged 74.

Image: a kid in Louisville poses as a boxer

Muslim prayers for Muhammad Ali

Memorial prayers in Louisville; Ban Ki-moon admits bowing to pressure over Yemen report; Iranian footballer suspended for yellow trousers

Photo: The coffin of late boxing champion Muhammad Ali arrives for an Islamic funeral prayer, in Louisville. Credit: Reuters

Italy Probes 'Wrong People Smuggler' Claims

Doubts over Eritrean people smuggler arrest; Scotland on Brexit; India's antique hunters.

Photograph shows Medhanie Yehdego Mered pictured at Palermo airport in Italy, but Italian prosecutors are investigating whether the wrong man was extradited. (Credit: Reuters)

Maria Sharapova Gets Two-Year Ban

Maria Sharapova faces two years out of tennis; shooting in Tel Aviv, and the arrest of a people smuggler known as The General.

(Photo: Maria Sharapova on court at Wimbledon; Credit: AFP/Getty)

08/06/2016 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

California Primaries: Who Will Win?

The battle for the decisive Democrat primaries; a Hindu priest murdered in Bangladesh; and what is the Windsor Hum?

(Photo: Hillary Clinton speaks in Long Beach, California; Credit: Reuters)