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President Dilma Rousseff Suspended

Brazil political crisis; Trump goes to Capitol Hill; Can India save Ganges?

(Photo: President Dilma Rousseff. Credit: Reuters)

Is Nigeria 'fantastically corrupt'?

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari speaks out; the fate of Brazil's Dilma Rousseff; high heels at work

(Photo: President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari in the US in March Credit: EPA)

Is There a Suicide Gene?

James Longman's father killed himself -- how at risk is he from developing the same illness?

(Photo: James Longman Credit: BBC)

Hiroshima: Time to Say Sorry?

First serving US president to visit Hiroshima; Unmarked graves in Lesbos; Meghan Trainor says 'No!' to airbrushing

(Photo: A mushroom cloud over Hiroshima following the explosion of the atomic bomb Credit: Getty Images)

10/05/2016 GMT

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