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Catalonia says 'No' to Direct Rule

The Catalan leader says they won't accept plans by Madrid to curb the region's autonomy. Carles Puigdemont made a passionate appeal for the defence of Catalonia's rights in the face of what he called a coup by the Spanish state. It follows threats by the Spanish Prime Minister to impose direct rule on Catalonia. Also: the 'Czech Trump', Andrej Babis, has become the new Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, and a zombie apocalypse comes to Washington to celebrate the final season of the TV series 'The Walking Dead'.

Afghan Suicide Mosque Attacks Kill Scores of Worshippers

Officials say nearly sixty people have been killed in separate attacks in Kabul and Ghor province. Also: police in Brazil say they've arrested more than one hundred people in the biggest ever operation against paedophiles in Latin America, and a transgender first for Playboy magazine.

Iraqi and Kurdish Forces in Heavy Clashes

Fierce fighting erupts in the last part of Kirkuk province held by the Kurdish Peshmerga. Also: EU paves way for UK trade talks to begin and longer beaks in UK birds 'due to feeders'.

UN concerned over Kurdistan

The UN has responded to reports of houses destroyed, with people forced to flee. It's after the Iraqi government re-took control of most of the territory in the north of the country. Also: the Spanish government says it will impose direct rule on Catalonia after the region's President refused to abandon a push for independence, and the actor Tom Hanks speaks out over the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Catalonia Crisis: Spain Moves to Suspend Autonomy

The Spanish government says it will start stripping Catalonia of its autonomy from Saturday. Also: China's state news agency Xinhua says the president, Xi Jinping, may be given his own political theory, and how Venezuela's political crisis is impacting sport.

Saudi Arabia to Tackle Islamic Extremism

A new religious body in Medina will vet interpretations of Islamic teachings that are used to justify terrorism. Also, the mother of a US soldier killed in action says President Trump showed "disrespect", and the computer that's taught itself to master the world's most complex game.