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Barack Obama denies phone tapping allegations

Barack Obama's spokesperson rejects President Trump's phone tapping claims, Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador over criticism of murder investigation into Kim Jong-nam, Body art and tattoo culture go on display in Argentina

First 'chemical attack' in Mosul battle

12 people injured in a chemical weapons attack in the Iraqi city / Human remains found at Irish Catholic maternity home / British secret service looks for a new kind of spy

Legal troubles for two French presidential candidates

Francois Fillon's presidential campaign in meltdown as chief spokesperson stands down, Why ordinary people seem not to be welcome at the Chinese People's Congress, Zimbabwe government asks for aid following devastating drought and flood.

Trump defends under-fire Attorney General

President condemns 'witch-hunt' against Jeff Sessions over Russian contacts, artificial embryo breakthrough, respecting football referees, campaign to save Nina Simone's childhood home

US Attorney General 'quits' Russia inquiry

Jeff Sessions says his confirmation testimony was 'honest and correct'; Snapchat shares finish first day of trading up 44%; Sweden reintroduces military conscription