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Court rules against British government on Brexit

Supreme Court rules that Parliament must vote on whether government can start Brexit, Syria peace-talks end with pledge to enforce three-week ceasefire, plight of child migrants living homeless in Belgrade, why a supermodel declared herself to be "intersex"

Trump withdraws from TTP trade deal

New US president also signs anti-abortion executive order, Nigerian babies used in suicide bombings, Bangladeshi man serving another's life term freed, Icelandic murder mystery

Gambian coffers 'plundered'

Exiled Gambian ruler, Yahya Jammeh, is accused of leaving the country with eleven million dollars; Trump media row escalates; will Japan's Emperor be allowed to retire?

Rallies Around the World Against Trump

Women's rights highlighted in marches against Donald Trump's policies; Yahya Jammeh makes way for Adama Barrow in The Gambia; Breakthrough in the investigation into one of the world's biggest ever jewellery heists

Trump vows to end 'American carnage'

Trump's celebration marred by violence; The Gambia's Jammeh 'to quit and leave'; 10 found alive after Italian avalanche