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Mosul's most distinctive landmark destroyed

The Grand al-Nuri Mosque with its leaning minaret has been blown up, Deadly clashes in Central African Republic, despite ceasefire deal, British teenager saves dad with CPR learnt from TV series, House

Saudi King's son Mohammed bin Salman is new Crown Prince

King Salman replaces previous heir to the throne - his nephew - with his son, UN says South Sudan no longer in famine, Queen's Speech gives strong emphasis to Brexit, controversy over Israel's 'stolen' Yemenite children

Suicide bomb suspect shot in Brussels

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam says she is 'no puppet of Beijing', US 'downs Iranian-made drone' over Syria, Qatari camels caught up in Gulf crisis

Barclays Bank and four former executives charged with fraud

Charges against Barclays over actions taken during the 2008 financial crisis, Catholic church says "thousands of civilians killed" in DR Congo conflict, scientists study tropical fish in effort to tackle heart disease in humans, Hugh Masekela on the future of African music