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Suu Kyi Blasts Rohingya 'Misinformation'

Myanmar's de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi says tensions in Rakhine state were being fanned by fake news. Also, Hurricane Irma wreaks major damage in Caribbean and African wild dogs 'sneeze to vote'.

US Scraps 'Dreamers' Scheme for Young Migrants

The scheme protected some 800,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation. Barack Obama described the Trump administration's decision as "cruel" and "wrong". Also, the end of a two-year siege in one of the last strongholds of Islamic State militants in Syria, and a French magazine ordered to pay damages to Prince William's wife.

Myanmar Conflict: Surge in Number of Rohingya Refugees Fleeing to Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Prime Minister says influx of Rohingyas represents big burden for her nation, and urges world leaders to pressure Myanmar to take back thousand of recently-arrived refugees.

Also, Russia's President Putin says military pressure on North Korea could lead to 'global catastrophe', four British soldiers arrested over suspected neo-Nazi links, how one Dagestani man rescued his children from IS territory in Syria, and can the sea have therapeutic effect on humans ?

Kim Jong-un Accused of Begging for War

The US is to table tougher sanctions in a UN Security Council resolution after Sunday's nuclear test. Also, Colombian ELN rebels agree ceasefire and Duchess of Cambridge expecting third child.

North Korea: How Can the World Tackle a Worsening Crisis ?

South Korea says it will strengthen its missile defence-system after the North's test of a nuclear bomb at the weekend.

Also, UN representative criticises Aung San Suu Kyi for not protecting Rohingyas, calls for International Criminal Court to investigate alleged crimes against humanity in Burundi, is the Catholic church in denial about priests who father children ?

US warns North Korea of 'Massive Response'

The US defence secretary James Mattis says any threat to the US or its allies by North Korea will be met with a "massive military response". Also, the German chancellor Angela Merkel says it's time to 'rethink' Turkey policy and Steely Dan's Walter Becker dies aged 67.