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Trump slammed for attacking civil rights icon

US President-elect Donald Trump is criticised for denigrating civil rights campaigner, John Lewis; Iraq says it has taken full control of Mosul University from IS militants; Fresh tensions between Serbia and Kosovo over a train.

US: Russia and China Threaten World Order

US Defence Secretary nominee says Russian president trying to split NATO, Fiat Chrysler shares plunge after accusations it used software to "trick" diesel emission controls, Doormats depicting the Indian flag withdrawn after Minister calls them "insulting".

Russia says US troops in Poland a threat

China dismisses US comments regarding islands in South China Sea, UN chief says Cyprus peace deal very close, Baboons can make sounds similar to humans

Trump Faces World's Media

Trump discusses relations with Russia, plans for Mexico wall and avoiding conflicts of interests, Hecklers at Tillerson confirmation hearing, Volkswagen will pay over four billion dollars in fines for deliberately cheating in emissions tests.