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US TV Presenters Accuse White House of Blackmail

US TV presenters attacked on Twitter by President Trump accuse him of lying / French far-right leader Le Pen placed under formal investigation / From Mumbai slum to ballet school

German MPs approve gay marriage

Bosses go on trial over Fukushima disaster, 80 years of 999 telephone emergency service, French politician and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil dies

Iraqi forces 'on the verge of retaking' Mosul

As Iraqi forces are 'on the verge of retaking' Mosul, over the border in Syria IS held city of Raqqa is completely encircled; Trump trolling; fatal YouTube shooting

Italy threatens to close ports to migrants

Italy says the scale of immigration from North Africa has become unsustainable - we speak to a frontline charity; talks on reunifying the island of Cyprus have got off to a good start; the US state of Kentucky shows why Trump's new health care bill is proving problematic.