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President Trump bans transgender people from the US military

President Trump bans transgender people from the US military, reversing his predecessor's policy and citing "tremendous medical costs and disruption".

Also today: Princess Diana's brother tells of the nightmares he still suffers -- almost twenty years after her death.

One of the Democratic Republic of Congo's most notorious warlords surrenders to UN peacekeepers.

And new hope for HIV sufferers.

EU approves push back of asylum seekers

European court rules that migrants must apply for asylum in first EU country they reach. Also, Britain is to ban the production of petrol and diesel cars by the year 2040 and trying to understand office jargon.

Obamacare repeal wins key vote in US Senate

President Trump's attempt to replace Obamacare narrowly clears first hurdle / Libya's 2 most powerful leaders agree conditional ceasefire / India's vanishing monuments

Israel Removes Metal-detectors from Holy Site

Muslim leaders tell worshippers to continue boycott of East Jerusalem site, despite change of Israeli security policy. Also, Vietnamese police arrest prominent dissident, why melting of Greenland ice-sheets could affect entire world, and how money can buy happiness

Trump son-in-law Denies 'Improper Contacts' with Russia

Jared Kushner, speaking after his Senate hearing, says he did not collude with Russia and that he has been fully transparent in all his actions. Also, parents of baby Charlie Gard abandon their legal fight to seek treatment in the United States, and time is up for Microsoft's Paint programme.

Trump son-in-law denies Russia collusion

Jared Kushner says he had 'no improper contacts', as he prepared for a grilling in the US Senate. Also, Kabul hit by deadly suicide car bomb and South African child 'virtually cured' of HIV.