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Trump to brief US Senate on North Korea

US and South Korea conduct joint military exercises as tensions continue, Turkish government arrests more than one thousand people, South Africa's President Jacob Zuma still enjoying much support, why young whales whisper to their mothers

Ivanka Trump booed at women's summit

Donald Trump's daughter defends her father's attitude to women at Berlin summit, Israeli leader snubs German foreign minister, Scientists create 'artificial womb' to keep extremely premature babies alive

France pays tribute to murdered police officer

Francois Hollande calls for French national unity in fight against terrorism, aid summit tries to raise support for Yemen, how a gang stole up to 40 million dollars from Paraguay bank, remembering the Congolese superstar Papa Wemba

Afghan defence chiefs resign after deadly attack

High-level resignations after devastating Taleban attack on army base, France prepares for final round of presidential election, inside the Syrian city recaptured from IS, how a 12 year-old boy drove 1300 kilometres across Australia

Macron and Le Pen 'in French election run-off'

Centrist Emmanuel Macron projected to face far-right Marine Le Pen on May 7th, top conservationist shot in Kenya, rare copy of US Independence Declaration found in Britain