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Reprieve for Dadaab refugee camp.

Kenyan high court rules that the government cannot close the huge Dadaab refugee camp, New US intelligence chief in Turkey on first foreign trip, How far should the authorities go to protect endangered species?

Somalia has a new president

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, also known as 'Farmajo', is Somalia's new president; French presidential candidate François Fillon, battling fresh allegations over payments to his wife, President Trump accuses America's courts of being "too political" over temporary block on travel ban

Education nominee survives US Senate vote

Peace talks with Colombia's ELN rebel group begin, UN denounces Israel's law on West Bank settlements, Gene therapy restores hearing in deaf mice

French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy is ordered to stand trial

French judge orders ex-President Sarkozy to stand trial in illegal campaign finance case, Amnesty International claims thousands were hanged at Syrian prison, why a Hungarian village aims to create a white utopia, will flying cars soon be a reality ?