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Palestinian Protestors Clash with Israeli Police at Holy Site

At least 3 protestors are reported killed in violence, after Israel prevented men under fifty from attending Muslim Friday prayers at Haram al-Sharif. More than 150 are injured. Israel has installed metal detectors at the compound following the killing of 2 Israeli policemen in the area last week.

Also: Food hygiene scare on Indian trains, Justin Bieber banned from China.

Germans Warned not to go to Turkey - or Invest

Berlin imposes measures against Ankara in a row over arrests of human rights activists. The foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, is revising Germany's travel advice to warn citizens of the risks of going to Turkey. He also said it was inadvisable for German firms to invest in a country where there was no rule of law. Also: new evidence that Aboriginal people went to Australia much earlier than was believed, and the nine lifestyle factors that could affect your risk of developing dementia.

Earth heading for 'Planet Plastic'

US scientists put amount of plastic made since 1950s at 8.3 billion tonnes; BBC report reveals gender pay divide; radical plan to save rhinos

Guilty verdicts in Thailand human trafficking trial

More than forty people found guilty for trafficking Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims; head of French armed forces resigns after a budget row with President Macron; Arab states, in a dispute with Qatar over its alleged support for terrorism, have eased their demands

Trump plans to let Obamacare fail

US President Donald Trump has said the new Republican healthcare policy should be to let Obamacare collapse. Systemic abuse at one of the world's most famous choir schools in Germany. Also, why is Netflix having such an impact on the world of broadcasting?