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Recent Episodes

US-Russia row continues

Russia is demanding that the US hand back two of its diplomatic compounds as the two countries hold high-level talks in Washington. The Venezuelan opposition steps up its campaign against President Maduro's government. Plus a study into what makes cheetahs so fast, and how a baboon caused a power outage in Zambia. Plus the world coconut tree climbing champion.

UAE Denies Hacking Qatar News Agency

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs refutes incident that sparked diplomatic rift. Also, a terminally ill British man with motor neurone disease challenges the law on the right to die, and China censors Winnie the Pooh, but why?

Macron remembers victims of Nice attack

As Trump flies home after Bastille Day visit, President Macron remembers Nice victims, Tourists killed in Egypt, Turkey failed coup anniversary.

Trump joins Macron for Paris Bastille Day parade

President Donald Trump attends Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, Israeli police killed in attack near Jerusalem holy site, 'Truly unique' lioness nurses leopard cub in Tanzania, American singer Beyoncé reveals her twins to the world