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New deal on Aleppo?

China may have installed weapons in South China Sea, Remains of an unknown city in Greece, Harvesting energy from a volcano

Fierce fighting halts Aleppo evacuation

US arrests Guinean over Chinese 'bribe', Philippines' Duterte admits killings, China 'space capsule' experiment ends after 180 days

Aleppo ceasefire declared

Syrian rebels and Russia agree to halt the bombardment of Syria's largest city, reaction to Trump's choice for Secretary of State, spying on environmental damage, rare Da Vinci sketch found at French auction house

UN: Aleppo civilians "Shot on the spot" by pro-government fighters

UN warns of massacres of civilians in Aleppo by forces loyal to Syrian government, Trump announces Rex Tillerson as his choice for Secretary of State, Mikhail Gorbachev says he stepped down 25 years ago to avert "civil war", have scientists found traces of asteroid that killed the dinosaurs ?

Aleppo: Rebels on brink amid rapid losses

Syria's army says the battle for Aleppo in its final phase, a year on since women in Saudi Arabia given the right to vote we hear from there, brain tests to predict kids' futures

Aleppo rebels on the brink

Syrian military makes major gains in Aleppo; oil prices rise; 17 hour non-stop flight