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Rio 2016 Olympics legacy

Several athletes and officials say the country has failed to fulfil its promises, freak Ghana waterfall accident, New Zealand expels US diplomat, Uber president resigns

Trump-Russia claims: no evidence of collusion - Nunes

US House Intelligence Committee Chair sees no Trump team campaign link to Russia, Syrian government forces 'repel' a surprise rebel advance in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, New technology allows deaf students to enjoy the music of whales, A woman from a small remote community in the Canadian Arctic has won the Global Teacher prize.

G20 ministers drop free trade pledge

G20 finance ministers drop free trade pledge after US opposition, American rock and roll legend Chuck Berry has died aged 90, Man in US arrested over seizure-inducing tweet, A controversial Hindu priest has been chosen as the chief minister of India's most populous state

Trump hosts Merkel in Washington

US President Donald Trump stands by his wiretapping claims at a news conference with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Caribbean poet Derek Walcott dies aged 87, Voice recognition to be tested on migrants in Germany.

US 'out of patience' with North Korea

American Secretary of State says all options now on the table, Japan's first mock missile attack evacuation drill, medical marijuana study, World Sleep Day