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Russia says US troops in Poland a threat

China dismisses US comments regarding islands in South China Sea, UN chief says Cyprus peace deal very close, Baboons can make sounds similar to humans

Trump Faces World's Media

Trump discusses relations with Russia, plans for Mexico wall and avoiding conflicts of interests, Hecklers at Tillerson confirmation hearing, Volkswagen will pay over four billion dollars in fines for deliberately cheating in emissions tests.

Iran: huge crowds attend ex-President Rafsanjani's funeral

Mourners pay respects to one of Iran's most influential leaders since 1979 Revolution, why FIFA is being expanded, court rules that Swiss Muslim girls must swim with boys, what is "missing element" found at the earth's core ?

Pentagon says commando raid against IS carried out

US special forces said to have carried out a successful commando raid against IS in eastern Syria / Russia dismisses US hacking claims / Is expanding FIFA World Cup a good idea?