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Brussels Terror Attack Remembered

Belgium marks first anniversary of bombings in airport and metro which killed 32 people, Syria World Cup hopes, China school stampede, India court gives sacred rivers human status

Former IRA leader turned peacemaker, Martin McGuinness, dies

Northern Ireland's former deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness, has died aged 66, South Korean ousted president reports to prosecutors for questioning,

US to ban laptops and tablets on flights from eight countries

FBI confirms Trump Russia investigation

FBI chief confirms criminal probe into alleged Russian interference in 2016 US election and denies President Trump's wiretap claim, French election candidates battle for public support in TV debate, Brazil's rotten meat scandal prompts major import bans, Sesame Street welcomes autistic muppet

US spy chiefs to assess Russia claims

FBI director to testify in Congress, the secret to successful sperm, Vodafone deal creates India mobile giant, doping in sport "fast becoming a crisis", why do birds sing at dawn? Face recognition used to prevent loo roll theft in China