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Trump-Russia crisis deepens

But the most senior Republican in Congress warns against rushing to judgement, US and EU officials discuss extending cabin ban on laptops, how 3-D printing could help restore fertility, South Africa sugar tax

Putin wades into Trump-Russia row

Chelsea Manning freed from military jail, Greeks walk out in big strike over cuts, Cities need 'hedges as well as trees' for environment

Trump intelligence controversy continues

US President Donald Trump defends his right to share 'facts' with Russia, French Open denies Maria Sharapova entry to compete, is the 'squeezy' smart phone the next big thing?, and a new study puts a figure on how many writers it takes to create a hit single.

Trump defends his sharing of 'facts' with Russia

US President hits back after allegations that he shared classified material with Russia, new agreement is reached to try and end Ivory Coast mutiny, Indian child-rape victim given permission to abort, why a remote island has the world's worst plastic waste problem

French President names conservative mayor as new Prime Minister

Emmanuel Macron chooses centre-right mayor Edouard Philippe to be new Prime Minister, Ivory Coast troops continue mutiny in several cities, UN agency says South Sudanese people are 'close to the abyss', how the murder of the 'Isdal Woman' has intrigued Norway for 47 years