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Airliner crash-lands at Dubai Airport

All passengers evacuated safely after plane crash-lands, rebels try to break Aleppo siege, remembering the Israeli athletes killed at 1972 Munich Olympics

Obama Says Trump is Unfit For Top Office.

Obama questions why Republicans still support Trump. Lawyers track down IS slave traders. The island idyll that has everything -- except a teacher for its children.

China Legal Activist On Trial

Funeral of French priest murdered in Islamist attack, Nigeria's HIV match-maker, Tonsils, appendix and women's fertility

Erdogan 'snatch squad' arrests

Brazil's suspended President Dilma Rousseff vows to return, India's search for eternal life herb, Uber-China merger

Mother hits back at Trump over speech

Armenia gunmen surrender after stand-off, Rally to help starving Indians in Saudi Arabia, Skydiver makes 7600m jump with no parachute