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Aleppo doctor describes hospital bombing

Syrian government air strikes hit children's hospital - staff and children shelter in basement; outrage in South Africa over racist attack; are we living in a post-truth age?

US criticizes Russian air raids in Syria

US criticizes Russia for launching all-out air assault against rebels in Syria / President Obama in Greece for last overseas visit / Swimming across the Dead Sea

Russia launches new wave of air-strikes in Syria

Russian jets attack Syrian rebel forces, German police crackdown on Islamist group, Bernie Sanders gives assessment of what Trump presidency will mean, rise in flow of heroin from Mexico to US

Trump's economic plans

Trump 'will prioritise tax cuts'; Usain Bolt's retirement plans; sex and swingers website targeted

2016 set to be "the hottest year on record"

Scientists say 2016 set to break records for hottest global temperatures, American Muslims' anxieties over Trump presidency, report from front line in Mosul as Iraqi elite troops battle IS, a chess champion takes on the challenge of playing while blindfolded