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Recent Episodes

EU Sets Out Brexit Priorities

Britain must "settle its accounts" with the European Union as part of the Brexit process says the EU's Brexit chief negotiator, Michel Barnier. He says the UK's departure will be neither quick nor easy.

Also in the programme: eyewitness report of a deadly attack on a Nato convoy in Kabul and the social media shaping Iran's presidential election.

Athletics world records could be wiped off

Athletes react angrily to a European anti-doping proposal / FBI translator married IS recruiter in Syria / Kenyan wins 2 million dollars by betting on football results

Marine Le Pen accused of plagiarising rival's speech

Allegations that French presidential candidate copied parts of speech by François Fillon, Merkel and Putin meet for talks in Sochi, how things didn't add up when UK politician spoke on police recruitment, why British singers are trying to duet with nightingales

Hamas eases its stance on Israel

US president has said he would meet North Korean leader if it was 'appropriate', Venezuela hikes minimum wage by 60%, Fines for feeding seagulls

Macron: EU must reform or face possible 'Frexit'

Presidential frontrunner says he will not let down French people who want changes to EU, Iraqi Christians return to homes once occupied by IS, Japan sends its largest warship to escort US vessel, when Mark Zuckerberg dropped in for dinner