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Nigerian air strike accidentally hits refugee camp

Nigerian military mistakenly bombs camp for displaced people, killing civilians, The president of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has declared a state of emergency, President Obama has commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning who was jailed for leaking classified army documents

May: UK must leave EU single market

British PM sets out plan to totally reshape UK's relationship with Europe and the world, Chinese President says world must be committed to free trade, Istanbul nightclub massacre suspect 'trained in Afghanistan'

Istanbul club attack suspect captured

Trump attack on Merkel rebuffed by French president, Rolls Royce to pay millions of dollars, Last man to walk on the Moon dies aged 82

Trump says UK 'doing great' after Brexit vote

US president-elect pledges quick trade deal between US and UK, dozens killed as plane crashes near Kyrgyz capital, report says world's 8 richest people own as much the 3.6 billion poorest

Trump slammed for attacking civil rights icon

US President-elect Donald Trump is criticised for denigrating civil rights campaigner, John Lewis; Iraq says it has taken full control of Mosul University from IS militants; Fresh tensions between Serbia and Kosovo over a train.