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Trump's foreign policy 'realism'

How the US Republican presidential nominee plans to combat radical Islamic terrorism, Zambian president re-elected amid claims of vote rigging, Corsica burkini ban, silver medal marriage proposal

South African woman jailed for kidnapping baby girl

10 years in jail for woman who abducted baby and raised her as her own child, Kashmiris continue demand for independence from India, does online porn damage young men's sexual health ?

Video shows missing Chibok girls

Kurdish forces advance on IS-held Mosul, Mexico gang leaves heads in iceboxes near government building, Preserving Pompeii

Records in Rio

Some question results of Olympics records in Rio; 'burkini' swimwear banned in France; old sharks, and baby tarantulas

Vladimir Putin dismisses one of his top allies

Ukraine prepares for possible renewed tensions with Russia, 4 killed and dozens injured by bomb-attacks in Thailand, do America's police need to radically change their training-methods ?