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Syrian Army has 'split rebel-held eastern Aleppo in two'

Syrian government troops capture more areas of eastern Aleppo from rebels, Turkish authorities accused of torturing people detained after failed coup, Fidel Castro's African legacy, is a quantum computing revolution on the way ?

Trump calls Castro 'brutal dictator'

Cuba announces nine days of national mourning, The Chinese and Russian presidents both said their countries had lost a good friend, Many Cuban exiles in Miami celebrate

Cuba's Fidel Castro Dies

Fidel Castro - who led Cuba for nearly half a century - has died at ninety. Many world leaders have paid tribute, but Castro's critics have celebrated his death.

Request for Wisconsin recount

US Green Party requests presidential poll recount in Wisconsin; another Brazilian minister resigns over corruption accusations; firecrackers ban in Delhi

Turkey threatens EU with migrant surge

French terror suspects 'planned attack', More footballers in Britain tell of sexual abuse, Iceland - country or grocery shop?