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No Evidence of Vote Rigging

Report says Putin personally ordered cyber campaign to help Trump win the presidency, A gunman shoots five people dead at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, Mutiny by soldiers in Ivory Coast has spread to several cities.

Gunfire as Ivory Coast troops mutiny

US intelligence officials to brief Donald Trump, Japan recalls envoy over sex slave statue, Indian actor Om Puri dies aged 66

US spy chiefs warn of threat from Russian hacking

US Intelligence Director says Democrat email hacking ordered by Putin / Turkey car bomb / Scientists discover rare fossilised fruit dating back more than fifty million years

Republicans vow to abolish Obamacare

Battle lines drawn over the future of Obama's health care reforms; German police question second Tunisian man over Berlin market attack; How the overuse of antibiotics in India is helping fuel disease

2017: The Predictions Podcast

What is going to happen in 2017? President Marine Le Pen of France? The end of the Iran nuclear deal? Some of the BBC’s most senior correspondents forecast what might or might not happen during the next 12 months. Make your own predictions and join the discussion on the World Service Facebook page.