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History is made as UK starts leaving the European Union

The British Prime Minister triggers Article 50 - with letter to the European Union, Bob Dylan is finally getting his Nobel literature prize this weekend, What will the new Samsung smart phone do for the company's fortunes?

UK begins process of withrawal from European Union

Europe reacts as Brexit formally starts, UK Prime Minister hails it as 'historic moment', controversy as Sudan's President attends Arab League summit, how a former guerrilla became a peace-activist in Colombia

UN calls for investigation into Iraqi civilian deaths in Mosul

UN urges investigation into the number of civilians who've died in the battle for Mosul, powerful cyclone batters north-east Australia, what inkblots tells us about human psychology, Britain has new coin that's 'almost impossible to counterfeit'

Russian opposition leader Navalny is jailed

Alexei Navalny is jailed for 15 days for resisting police orders during mass-protests, students killed in Japan avalanche, Singaporean couple jailed for starving their maid, will robots replace bricklayers on building-sites ?