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Investigations Begin into Las Vegas Shooting

President Trump described the attack as "pure evil" and later observed a minute's silence on the White House lawn. Also: Catalans "not seeking a traumatic split", and the Palestinian prime minister visits Gaza for the first time in two years.

Las Vegas Shootings: At Least 50 People Killed

Stephen Paddock named as suspect in mass-shooting at Las Vegas open-air concert. This is the worst such incident in modern US history.

Also, is Catalonia moving towards independence after violence marred a disputed referendum? And how this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine could have implications for everyone who des shift-work.

Catalonia Has 'Won Right to Statehood'

The regional Catalan leader says Sunday's vote, which Madrid tried to stop, paves the way to independence. Also: two women die in Marseille knife attack and Germans celebrate first gay marriage.

Catalans Push for Independence Vote

Activists occupy polling stations to allow controversial independence referendum. Meanwhile, the central government in Madrid has deployed thousands of police to prevent what it considers to be an illegal poll.

Also, the battle against Islamic State using both weapons and words, and the UK's Foreign Secretary recites an undiplomatic poem.

President Trump's Embattled Health Secretary Resigns

Tom Price resigns amid an outcry over his use of private jets for government business.

Also, the US withdraws staff from Cuba over 'attacks', and crunch time in Catalonia as independence referendum approaches.

Crunch Time in Catalonia as Referendum Approaches

The Spanish government has again pledged to stop the referendum in Catalonia, which it says is unconstitutional. Also: many killed in Mumbai railway station stampede, and Elon Musk says in future rockets will fly people from city to city in minutes.