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Venezuela Opens Controversial New Assembly

President Maduro says the assembly is needed to bring peace after months of crisis. But the opposition says the new body is a way for the president to cling on to power.

Also, the US attorney general says there has been a staggering increase in leaks since President Trump took office and the French vending machine that sells fresh oysters.

UN says Hundreds Killed in DR Congo

UN investigators were told that local security forces and a pro-government militia, set up to defeat a rebellion in Kasai region were responsible for many of the killings. Also, China holds drill for 'harmful websites' and fire rips through Dubai's Torch Tower.

Grand Jury Assembled in Trump-Russia Investigation

Subpoenas are issued over a meeting between President Trump's son and a Russian lawyer. The president has poured scorn on any suggestion that his team colluded with the Kremlin to beat Hillary Clinton.

Also, Venezuela's chief prosecutor has asked a court to suspend the inauguration of a new assembly to rewrite the constitution and the British actor, Robert Hardy, has died aged ninety-one.

Venezuela prosecutor to probe fraud claim

Luisa Ortega - a prominent critic of President Nicolas Maduro - said she has appointed two prosecutors to investigate the directors of the National Electoral Council. Also, Russia agrees to third 'de-escalation zone' in Syria, and NASA planet protector vacancy.

Trump approves new sanctions on Russia

The bill is punishment for Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 election. It also imposes sanctions on Iran and North Korea. Also, Venezuela rejects vote tempering claim, and scientists edit human embryos to stop disease.

Neymar: Paris St-Germain Must Pay $260m

Barcelona tell Paris St-Germain they must pay world record fee for Neymar to join them.

Also, continuing hardship for civilians in Mosul, ANC MP says she's faced death-threats for criticising Jacob Zuma, and how is Australia coping with its growing diversity ?