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'Thousands fled' Mosul area ahead of battle

Ecuador curbs Assange's internet to halt US election 'interference', Bataclan widower won't hate his wife's attackers, Jakarta offers rewards to catch rodents

Iraqi troops and Kurdish allies capture villages near Mosul

Government forces and Peshmerga make gains on second day of assault on Mosul, why Russia has halted Aleppo bombardment earlier than planned, Trump's wife defends him over 'sexist' comments, sharing an airline flight with a duck

First day's advance on Mosul

What to do with Hitler's House?, Forgiveness over the Cathars, The construction of 'Boaty McBoatface'

Iraqi army begins assault on Mosul

Iraqi troops launch offensive to expel IS from strategically important city, warning over calories in alcohol, Australian fisherman uses broom to beat off Great White shark

US and Britain call for Yemen truce

British and Americans call for an immediate halt to the fighting in Yemen / Trump suggests 'rigged election' / European spacecraft to land on Mars