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PM: UN steps up Syria aid as truce holds

Food, water and medicine go to one besieged town, life inside Raqqa, Malian musicians fight to stop extremists destroying music industry, how does space affect astronauts? Do you take 'footies'?

Iran: Reformers make gains in elections

Reformist supporters of Iranian President Rouhani make gains over conservative rivals, Syria ceasefire holds despite minor violations

AM: FIFA's new broom

FIFA's freshly elected president vows to root out corruption, Syrian ceasefire comes into force as Washington urges Moscow to "put up or shut up", Donald Trump gets another boost in his campaign to become President, the Colombian sisters reunited after 30 years

PM: FIFA holds election to choose new President

FIFA delegates vote on new President, Iranians take part in nationwide elections, can Syria's 'cessation of hostilities' work ?, nominees for best Foreign Language Film at this year's Oscars