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Iraqi troops enter Mosul city limits

Iraqi government forces facing heavy IS resistance as they enter Mosul, Moscow rejects allegations it's waging cyber-campaign against UK, how US voters feel about acrimonious election-campaign, are flabby men sexier than slim ones ?

Iraqi Army closes in on outskirts of Mosul

Iraqi special forces expel IS fighters from village on the edge of Mosul, angry protests in Morocco over death of fish-vendor, worsening smog in Delhi after Diwali celebrations, how Cuban TV comedy tackles very serious issues

Clinton attacks the FBI over email action

Who is the FBI boss, James Comey? Major role for Shia militias in Iraqi offensive on Mosul; the Bollywood film caught up in India-Pakistan hostility

Fresh FBI probe into Clinton emails on eve of US election

The Federal Bureau of Investigations reopens probe into Hilary Clinton's use of private email servers, Employment tribunal tells the Uber taxi service to pay its drivers the minimum wage, The extraordinary story of how a South Korean actress was kidnapped so she could make films for a dictator.