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Recent Episodes

Changing of the Guard in British politics

David Cameron prepares to step down as British Prime Minister after six years in charge; "I am NOT pregnant. But I am fed up"- a blog by Jennifer Aniston; Scientist in China in trouble for naming a newly discovered beetle in honour of the country's president.

Obama urges US to 'reject despair'

President Obama spoke at a memorial service in Dallas for five killed police officers / Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton / 20 killed in train crash in southern Italy

Tribunal rejects Beijing's claims in the South China Sea

International tribunal rejects Beijing's historic claim to much of the South China Sea; Partner of the man shot by police in Minnesota talks about her loss; How a little-known boycott fifty years ago - changed world cup football forever.

Theresa May to be British PM on Wednesday

Theresa May promises to make a success of Britain leaving the EU / More than 500 extra US troops for Iraqi operations against IS / Tools used by Brazilian monkeys centuries ago

Theresa May to become Britain's second woman Prime Minister.

Britain now knows its next Prime Minister - after the last challenger dropped out ; More deadly clashes in South Sudan between supporters of the President and his deputy ; Thousands welcome home the victorious Portuguese football team