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GlobalNews:Nemtsov accused in court

Court appearance for five men suspected of killing Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov / Afghan's only female taxi driver /Do women wash sports shirts better than men?

GlobalNews: 07 MAR 15: Nigeria Bomb Attacks

Suicide bombers kill dozens in Nigerian city of Maiduguri / Two arrested over Boris Nemtsov murder/ The three Khans - Bollywood stars under threat from Hindu nationalists.

GlobalNews: 06 MAR 15 Nimrud destruction "war crime"

UNESCO says Islamic State assault on ancient city is a war crime / German lawmakers set to force companies to appoint more women / Space probe arrives at Ceres dwarf planet / Are you addicted to your smartphone ?

GlobalNews: 05 MAR 15 PM Aleppo ceasefire plan

Is there hope for a ceasefire in the Syrian city of Aleppo ? / A day in the life of Pakistan's elite female cops / The bus trip to the heart of Islamic State territory / Mixed martial arts come home to China

GlobalNews: 05 Mar 15 AM Huge bomb attack in Syria

Dozens of security forces and rebel fighters killed/Pakistani man convicted of al-Qaeda plot to attack targets in Europe and the US/ Leader of violent Mexican drugs gang captured /Humans' oldest ancestor unearthed