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Iran: huge crowds attend ex-President Rafsanjani's funeral

Mourners pay respects to one of Iran's most influential leaders since 1979 Revolution, why FIFA is being expanded, court rules that Swiss Muslim girls must swim with boys, what is "missing element" found at the earth's core ?

Pentagon says commando raid against IS carried out

US special forces said to have carried out a successful commando raid against IS in eastern Syria / Russia dismisses US hacking claims / Is expanding FIFA World Cup a good idea?

Talks begin on reunification of Cyprus

UN-brokered talks in Geneva on reunifying an island divided since 1945, arrests in France over Kardashian burglary, Trump hits back after being criticised by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes awards

Confusion over Ivory Coast mutiny deal

President of Ivory Coast says he has reached a deal with soldiers who have mutinied, Iraqi forces fighting so called Islamic State in Mosul close in on river Tigris, Portugal mourns the death of the founding father of its modern democracy.

No Evidence of Vote Rigging

Report says Putin personally ordered cyber campaign to help Trump win the presidency, A gunman shoots five people dead at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, Mutiny by soldiers in Ivory Coast has spread to several cities.