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IS hangs bodies in Mosul streets, says UN

Atrocities against civilians in Iraq, Oregan anti-Trump protests, remembering Leonard Cohen, political leaders sing karaoke, world's fastest flying creature

Transition to Trump Presidency underway

Donald Trump and his top advisers have begun planning his transition to office; someone who stands to benefit from Trump's victory - the man who impersonates him; a rush on banks as the Indian government withdraws a commonly used bank note.

Obama calls for Unity

Why did Hilliary lose? Has politics changed for ever? Trump the man; the dwindling prison population in the Netherlands

Donald Trump to be the next US President

Donald Trump secures a stunning upset victory in the race to be the 45th US President / How his victory unfolded and reaction to the result from around the world

Victory for Donald Trump in US presidential election

Political outsider Donald Trump to become 45th US president after a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton. We look at the key events of election night - and what his victory means for the US and the wider world