Brand & Martínez for August 20, 2012

Introducing Brand & Martínez

Introducing Brand & Martínez

Listen for some changes to The Madeleine Brand Show starting Monday, August 20. 

One month on Aurora, CO residents still reeling

One month after the killings in Aurora, Colorado, a community is still reeling. 12 people were killed and 57 were injured when alleged shooter, James Holmes, burst into a theater and fired into the audience. Holmes, faces more than 140 counts of murder and he's in jail, due in court later this week.
Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3" - Arrivals

Tony Scott, known for directing high octane action films, dead at 68

"Top Gun" director Tony Scott died yesterday from an apparent suicide. He was 68 years old. We take a look back at his life and career with Thom Geier, senior editor at Entertainment Weekly.

Tracing American's love of tuna

Madeleine Brand speaks with writer Andrew Smith, the author of "American Tuna." They discuss the history of tuna, and how it became American's favorite fish.

Cyclists, joggers and sled dogs? Urban mushing hits the trails in OC

When you think of dog sledding you probably imagine a winter activity. We did too - until we heard about urban mushing. KPCC's Mary Plummer grew up dog mushing in Alaska. So we sent her out to investigate.
Romney's VP candidate Paul Ryan Campaigns In Denver, Co.

The Vice President as id

The vice presidential candidates often are able to say things the presidential candidates can't... or won't. They can be the attack dogs of the campaign or perhaps the ids to their running mates' super egos.

Fantasy sports have become a real money maker

This year fantasy sports are expected to generate $3 billion dollars. We speak with RotoWire's Peter Schoenke about where that money comes from.
University of Colorado at Boulder

Colorado college students allowed to carry guns

Starting this fall, the University of Colorado system will allow students to carry concealed weapons onto campus.
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