Brand & Martínez for August 27, 2012

New Orleans fisherman braces for Isaac as thousands evacuate

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NOAA via Getty Images

In this satellite image from NOAA, Hurricane Katrina is seen at 1:15 PM (EST) August 29, 2005 over the Gulf Coast. Katrina, then a Category 2 strom with 105 mph winds, made landfall close to Empire, Louisiana at about 6:00 AM (CDT).

The latest projections from the federal government predict that Tropical Storm Isaac could hit New Orleans tomorrow afternoon as a Category One hurricane. That means 90 mph winds. Tens of thousands of people in St. Charles Parrish are evacuating ahead of the storm.

It was seven years ago Wednesday that Hurricane Katrina tore through the Gulf. More more than 1,800 people died in the aftermath. It caused billions of dollars of damage. One man hit hard by Katrina was fisherman Pete Gerica. A Martinez checks in with Gerica to see how he's preparing this time around.


Pete Gerica, is a shrimp and crab fisherman who lives in Bayou Savage on the eastern edge of New Orleans. In 2005, he lost his house, his cars and most of his commercial fishing fleet in Katrina.

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